Victorya is our middle-sized electric gun by ability of shooting 20 mm diameter projectiles in different lengths and desirable muzzle velocity.

Victorya is very efficient and can be mounted on light pickups, ships, or could be placed at any place and controlled remotely, here are some characteristics of Victorya:

·         Completely silent and making almost no noise rather than the bullets acoustic effects.

·         The bullets are at the same temperature of around atmosphere, so no trackable path specially at nights.

·         No fire or spark or heat coming out of the muzzle.

·         The bullets do not need to be magnetic, so based on the targets and needs, bullets could be designed.

·         No ammunition is involved at all.

·         Muzzle velocity up to Mach 12.

·         Easy maintenance and assembly  thanks to the block design.

·         Operation control could be automatic or remote or manual.

·         High shooting speed up to 3 shots per second.

·         1560 shots with one charge.

·         Low total weight compared to the conventional guns.

·         Maintenance interval is after each 50,000 shots.