Om oss!

Ytsab Defence AB is a new part of Ytsab Group which is active in innovation and design of next generation weapons, People at Ytsab Defence are coming from different background with years of experience in military related production.

Now, we are working on developing an innovation about electromagnetic cannon and its applications.

Electromagnetic projectile drivers have been developed by different military research institute and it appears to be of the next generation of weapon systems.

Thanks to our innovations and thousands of hours research and developments, we have reached to very promising results in electromagnetic cannon area.

Our designs are not following conventional designs such as Railgun or Coilgun, but it’s an innovative way of transforming electrical energy to the motion in electrical bursts, The efficiency of our designs are about 7 times more than reported efficiencies for electromagnetic projectile cannons.

We have more than 38000 pages of research and experimental results done by our team in this field on all parts of the design.